Thursday Apr 10 09:12pm
We had this connection. We had this relationship that I very much cared about. Basically, we were in love. Kevjumba, on his relationship with his fans (x) Thursday Apr 10 08:36pm
Wednesday Apr 9 09:48pm

REVENGE OF THE GREEN DRAGONS’ @harryshum & @kevjumba at #CH4 at the Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Photo by @Sthanlee B. Mirador [4.5.14] @creativityheals #CreativityHeals #HarryShumJr #KevinWu #KevJumba #RevengeOfTheGreenDragons
Wednesday Apr 9 09:12pm

"Instead of having real relationships with these girls where I can connect not just physically but emotionally, instead I’m just like, let’s have fun!"

Wednesday Apr 9 08:36pm

Aaron: “are you crying?”
Kyle: *Sniff* “…no.”


Aaron: “are you crying?”

Kyle: *Sniff* “…no.”

Wednesday Apr 2 08:36pm
This is from one of my favorite Wong Fu pieces. 

This is from one of my favorite Wong Fu pieces

Tuesday Apr 1 10:26pm

Funemployed days…

Tuesday Apr 1 10:17pm

Kevjumba + Instagram + Selfies

Tuesday Apr 1 09:59pm


How could I forget about this web series. Good thing I found it

it is kind of…perfect

Sunday Mar 30 09:13pm
this is perfect. 

this is perfect. 

Wednesday Mar 26 10:24pm

Wednesday Mar 26 09:48pm

@MsCarrie_BayBay: “Me, @ jlin7 @ kevjumba #throwbackthursday”


@MsCarrie_BayBay: “Me, @ jlin7 @ kevjumba #throwbackthursday”

Wednesday Mar 26 09:12pm


Just one of the many shorts to be released soon!

Wednesday Mar 26 08:36pm

Kevjumba + Instagram + Friends

Thursday Mar 20 10:24pm
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